Multiscreen MoTVision

Zoo_TV_series_promo_posterCBS Tuesdays @ 9pm Est

The show based on the James Paterson novel  (co written with Michael Ledwidge), starts off somewhere in Africa during a Safari tour  when poachers come along and one of the guys that runs the Safari tour blasts a boom box to scare the Rhinos away. (I swear if I was there in person I would have laughed my ass off! And maybe if I had some darts (for those dart boards at bars; I’d would love to throw them at anyone who harms animals no matter what kind…well not snakes.. we just don’t get along)

Ooh and the King Is ready for his close-up and what is that? The Lion looks like it’s making a face of innocence and then pounce. I love the way the scene happens, I had to chuckle.

Reading Entertainment Weekly’s review and had to include a note f it:

“You might…

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