TV Tuesdays- Dark Matter

Multiscreen MoTVision

Syfy Fridays

Nice little fight to start the Premier, lasts a minute or 2. From the fact that none of the characters  can remember who they are or any other memories , and wake up on a ship in space my theory is it’s some sort of prison ship. So they go Scooby gang and split up to explore and some come to find skills they didn’t know they possessed, one’s a hacker, another seems to be an electrician, another martial arts. Oh yeah and the doctor on Lost Girl, plays an android in this!  The girl with the green blue hair seems familiar but I can’t place her. one time I thought it was ‘Beauty’ from Once upon a Time then I thought the actress from Orphan Black (which wouldn’t be possible because likely both shows film at the same time) and others would pop into mind but no…

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