Last Ship season 2

Here’s my review for season 2 of the last ship I may or may not have said this in it, but I think its better than the first!

Multiscreen MoTVision

Sundays TNT 9pm

The Last Ship centers around a Navy vessel that searches for survivors and a cure of some plauge. It stars the former Doctor Mc Dreamy (or was he) McSteamy?  Eric Dane as CO CDR Tom Chandler  Rhona Mitra as Doctor Rachel Scott Adam Baldwin (as in the rest of them? He doesn’t look like it what is he the milk mans son?) as XO Mike Slattery My favorite character Lt. Danny Green played by Travis Van Winkle  and John Pyper-Ferguson who plays Tex that I think infiltrates or just has ninja like skills  and stalks around the two hour pilot and collects ourt heroes.

I can’t remember the last episode from last season and I missed the first few minutes (5-8) of this episode but that didn’t seem to matter (though I may still check it out anyway). i can say that episode is one whirlwind of a…

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