Friday Bind- Stake Out

I’m going to post a few things (reviews) from my entertainment blog here. I was wondering if you would be interested in Comic-con news? Please let me know in a reply

Multiscreen MoTVision

Stake OUt received_831300580258787  This was a book I entered a giveaway for on Goodreads. I did not win, but the author was kind enough because she liked my blog to send me a PDF to read for a review. You can check out my policy on sponsored products samples, and endorsements  on the about page

Genre: says it right at the top… Paranormal!

Pages: 113

Plot line: Vampires witches & werewolves Oh my… a Detective is forced into early retirement because the Chicago P.D.  doesn’t believe the perp he caught is a vampire.

I came across this on blurb on Amazon and HAD to include it as it just made me laugh

It is definitely a book for the fan of horror and the paranormal, rather than those looking for sparkly vampires or romance.“–Bestselling author Helen Treharne

by Lily Luchesi

(Paranormal Detectives #1)

started July 4 –

New adults or…

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