True Detective (season 2)- We get the world we deserve

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Multiscreen MoTVision

HBO   Sundays 9pm

This season the plot revolves around the bizarre murder of a city manager ‘Casper’ that disappears and leaves some sort of billion dollar development in possible peril. This brings together our Tri-squad P.D.,

The officers Ray Velcoro a crooked cop that’s become a wishbone for those he serves of the equally crooked P.D. and the Mobster Frank Semyon,  that owns him for something he did. He has a son who he took care of while the wife up and left then comes back wanting a divorce, so he’s trying to get more custody of his kid. I keep trying to call him velcro but hey it’s just an extra ‘O’ in the name so why can’t I remember it? I got a chuckle at one of his scenes, which I’ll just note as the ‘Halloween house’ as it’s the only thing in the whole episode that looks decorated for Halloween. it’s the first…

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