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Multiscreen MoTVision

As you can see This article I scanned is from Entertainment Weekly.   I started to scan this Ask Dalton section in when I found something I wanted to chime in on, as he didn’t give a second option to the answer or whatever other reason(s).

I have a few others either older or newer I will post from time to time, to include my 2 cents or suggestions to help as well


For instance, on this one

Someone asks if a recap can replace a tv show.

Well in the Lost Boys Movie Grandpa says “Read the Tv guide, you don’t need a Tv” sadly the tv guide is no longer made or written the way it was back then.

I say Yes. A recap well written can replace a show; however  that depends on if they write out the entire show play by play and highlights.  Sadly though the…

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I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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