Hold the Heathen Hammer Horn high …

My friend Viki commented on my Facebook post about this

  • Like Heri said if the Christians and other religions get a pass why not the heathens?
  • Viki  I find it ironic that everyone’s constantly saying soldiers go over there (wherever there happens to be) so we can enjoy freedoms and rights but certain soldiers don’t get to experience fundamental rights the others take for granted.  Im going to email all these addresses.

first of all… Wicca was recently added I think around February or march as religions the military notices but still not Asatru or ‘heathen’

So this I put to you my readers, NOT just those who follow the noted religions in this post; but everyone write for us write for your own religion as well if yours is not yet one of the recognized.




Here’s a few previous on the topic





http://www.norsemyth.org/2013/01/heathens-in-military-interview-with.html pt 1





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