Not sure for title but…

So I seem to have  some how received some sort of notoriety (maybe just through the reviews  I wrote on Goodreads etc )

I was just offered out of now where by an author on goodreads, (ok, so from somewhere) to review their book. Yes I’ve posted reviews on goodreads by noting here and there for the updates and then a full review as well as doing so on my blog.

There was one book I was hoping to win from one of the giveaways but I didn’t win and I don’t have the money to by new books  (plus I really must read what I already have in the house) Anyway so the author of the giveaway I didn’t win after I told her I’d post the review to my blog as well (the entertainment one) she checked it out and said she liked it plus she knew some of the authors I had already done write ups and pages on.

So she sent me a PDF of the book. it’s a novella I guess is the term those that are like 113 pages. I call them beach books as usually you can finish them while reading at the beach (or pool side).  Let’s hope one day a magazine or newspaper will want to give me a try at doing a book review.

So where are these 2 reviews… well I am currently reading Bad Moon rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon  which seems to so far be a nice smooth read, so once I am done I will (if haven’t sooner) start on Stake out by Lily-Luchesi  which I started the prep work for  that  review last night.


I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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