What is “Staunking”

I posted this to my Entertainment blog. Couldn’t think of anything else to call it, so I took 2 words (which was the best way to describe it) and made it into one.

Do you have the same experience? Any Actors, movies or music ‘staunking’ you?

Multiscreen MoTVision

I know you’ve seen me say it a couple of times in reference to a few actors etc.  and thought maybe now would be the time to explain.

in the Review of the show The Night Shift  I got a bit off topic and wrote this

“Irish born Eoin Macken and apparently every actor that was in the Tudors is haunting (stalking ?) me! No matter what I watch, it always seems like there’s someone from the Tudors shows up (also the occassional other actors seem to do so as well. Like Donal Louge but actors stalking fans via tv shows even if the fan does not know they’ll be in it) will have to be a topic for another time (& yes you can start chiming in on what actors are ‘Stalk haunting’ you!) sorry for getting off topic!” 

I wasn’t sure whether to call it ‘stalking’ or haunting so I combined the 2 together…

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I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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