The Mental Age of Cats

Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain

I expect this has probably been done on the interwebs before, by someone far more skilled than me, but the comments that were made after my previous post got me thinking.

And before anyone starts shouting (just hush now, you in the back, go heckle someone else), I am aware of the term anthropomorphism, and the school of thought that we shouldn’t attribute human ‘characteristics’ onto animals, but bear with me here……pliz…..just for a little while.

Because, seriously folks, having cats is often like having a toddler in the house. Or a teenager.

Also – is it really a case of us attributing these features onto our cats, or just simply a case of recognising they behave in certain ways ? A chicken and egg scenario, perhaps?

Because there is absolutely no doubt that cats have their own individual personalities. Sometimes influenced by previous experiences, but most of the time…

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