What is a Voxbox

Around November or December I received my first Influenster Voxbox which was the Frosty voxbox. This was filled with a variety of goodies, and from my calculation was $50-$60 worth of items, that were complimentary and I just had to review them. Some of the items included were an Eco Tools finishing Hair Brush, Rimmel make-up remover, Rimmel kohl  liner, and other assorted things.  These I get for free but you do not just automatically get them.

They ask if you would be interested in in a certain type of product, beauty, woman’s sanitary item, food whatever

after that you take a survey to qualify, if you qualify it doesn’t take long (at least for the smaller items) to show up.

The last 2 voxboxes i received was a package of Carefree pantie Liners to test, and not long after that I qualified for a couple of coupons for Weight Watchers. NOt just any coupons, mind you! I can get a box of Weight Watchers ice cream most likely absolutely free even if it’s not on sale (I think it said up to $7.99!) there’s maybe 3 flavors I’m interested in so depending on what’s available I’ll get, I’ll even try one of the ones I wouldn’t normally being it’s to ‘sample’ and free!


You also have to remember, depending on your interests etc you may not receive the same box as I, or the same items.

Once you receive the item You go to the Influenster site check it in on your dashboard and then you can complete the tasks for bonus points. This however is not required, however the Survey you get from them after the campaign is over is. If you do not take the survey you will be suspended permanently from qualifying for more boxes.


I’m hoping for a box with some sunblock in it to try (esp. if it’s coconut scented!)

I  came across this video to better explain the process

and here’s an article the site had up on getting read for summer

Come and join the fun,  find my Influenster badge in the side bar and click to join!

I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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