Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Multiscreen MoTVision

First off I kept thinking they were saying Voltron when I first heard the title of the movie. I wondered why the ‘Robot’ looked like it got a make-over! (I had to laugh at myself for that)  Then I realised what they were saying and knew at some point before the movie premired I’d end up calling it Age of Voltron instead. (I did!)

I saw the movie at the Alamo Draft House.

I love this place! You can literally have dinner & a movie, however you can get the traditional Popcorn (refillable) & Soda (also Refillable) instead so it’s more worth going if you do as a family. (you then don’t have to spend an arm & a leg for snacks!)  Also if you are of age, you can get a beer! They change up, i sampled some sort of Pear one which smelled and tasted good. I even said…

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