Book Bind Friday- Another Point of View by Richard Jubak

Book Readers! A friend of mine is published!!!
I thought I’d do an interview with him and I hope that you will read this and get the book.

If you are able to make a note you were refered from Multiscreen Multi Vision (or Kim Ostrowski’s Blog)

Multiscreen MoTVision

Another Point of View

by Richard Jubak

The author is aAnother Point of View by Richard jubak family friend (you could say since before birth) and  being I currently do not have the money to order a copy (if there’s a print version); I thought I’d at least try to help him out and do a preview and  interiew for you.

I remember some of what he told us at the holiday gathering, that it was religious but being that not everyone is into reading that, he thought to write it from a scientific point of view.

For your convenience Here’s the direct link to Amazon where you can find Another Point of View for Kindle

my Interview with Rich

1.What made you or Why did you write this type of book? This is a topic that has always been true to my heart and gives necessary meaning to my life. I’ve always been the type of person that…

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