COuld your VHS cassettes be worth a fortune?

Good Morning on a Sunny Sunday from NY.


I don’t know about you,, but I still have my VHS tapes, especially those of which I recorded. (it’s really pissed me off they were phased out. Why? You ask… wellfor one, I have never found a DVD recorder to ‘tape’ my shows,let alone disks that will tape 6-8 hours.

Now with digital tv, I turn my nose up to having to pay for a DVR, (especially when with at least cablevision, they have a FREE on demand option that I can watch what I miss (especially nights like SUnday, Monday & tuesdays which at some times has 2 -3 shows on  at the same time.  I just can’t watch HBO on demand as that’s extra money (really we already pay for HBO… why do we have to pay for that?)

Not sure if this also goes for the U.S. but my pal Helen in Hull posted this

from Yahoo UK


mmm wonder what titles they are looking for. I have something here with Bela Lugosi on it!


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