Nightling Thunder

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Any idea for a better title?©Kim Marie Ostrowski

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13 thoughts on “Nightling Thunder

  1. Hi, sorry it’s taken so long to get back over here. Yeah, Lubbock is kind of in the middle of nowhere. There’s things to do (not that we go anywhere special) but as for scenery….just flat, dry, and hot in the summer. That’s why I would love to live in the mountains or forests…


    • That’s where I need to go for a vacation the moutains somewhere there isn’t much noise. Oh flat no prob, my city is called the City of hills! (Yonkers, NY) but when you have to drive just to get to a ‘corner’ store…. I can’t even for a week or a few days I guess I just feel more comfy with something in walking distance! The first neighborhood I lied in I just had to walk downn the hill from my house, or walk 2 streets over so we had 2 we could go to. There was another when I was really little (maybe in grade school) where I could get the smaller swedish fish for a penny each!! )the ones that came in the box they weren’t even indivudually wrapped.


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