Tv Tuesdays ~Game of Thrones

Multiscreen MoTVision

Season 4 highlights..

A quick rundown of what I remember from last season

Night’s Watch vs the Wildlings,  Joffrey chokes on his own d-bagery,  for this Tyrion is accused. Lord Balish helps sansa escape the Lannisters while the youngest Stark daughter Arya takes out one of the members of her hit list. Tyrion kills his father, and the Dragons are last seen locked a way for being bad.

This game-of-thrones-season-5…a-primer is a great recap of where all the characters etc. are now  *  here is another

A little news I remember reading

I don’t know how things go in the book, so I cannot speculate what might be included from them,  I do know that the Youngest Stark male and Hodar are not to be in this season. Instead will be trained by the 3 eyed raven off screen.

The following popped up on my Twitter feed I saw the animals before I realized what it was. So we…

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