Trailing on Trailers

I hope that in some way I can get this seen by those in hollywood eso. those who make the trailers!

Multiscreen MoTVision

So you may be wondering what I mean by that?

Due to being disappointed by certain movies in the past; This summer I am trying to ‘stay away’ from trailers at least in certain ways.

1. I will only watch the full trailer once

2. some movies I will only take peeks at it (like for Fast & Furious & Avengers Age of Ultron but not the whole trailer)

3. I will only watch 1 trailer, not every single one they put out.

4. also as much as I hate to, trying to avoid the casts on late night, however Avengers will be on Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel, Yes fully Assembled!

Why am I doing this?

They always have to stick the Best part or big surprise/reveal  in the trailers, (it may only one or it may be all)  and that spoils the fun of the movie;  for me at least. I want to be surprised…

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