Four To Score partial Review & Wicked Charms – Chapters 1 and 2 | Janet Evanovich

I think I forgot to post this from my Entertainment blog…
I hope it helps you find a new fave series.

Multiscreen MoTVision

Stephanie Plum SeriesSo right now I am reading Four to score, in the Stephanie Plum novel series. AS usual there’s plenty of laughs and Stephanie  being in Peril.

Stephanie gets another bail jumper and has to track down a waitress who doesn’t want to be found, and who has sent her Ex on a scavenger hunt of sorts.Her arch-rival Joyce is on the tail of of her and the case. She’s also being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend, which doesn’t end there as the accuser takes justice for lack of a better term into their own hands taking it out on Stephanie’s personal (and even some Public) Property.

I have 91 more pages to go as of Friday 3rd and i think I figured out who it is sending the threats about the boyfriend. Stephanie thinks its someone hung up on Morelli. Speaking of which after Stephanie’s Car among other things gets torched she ends…

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4 thoughts on “Four To Score partial Review & Wicked Charms – Chapters 1 and 2 | Janet Evanovich

    • You woulnd’t posibly have the between the numbers books would you? I have definately read one of them… but I really want to read plum Spooky & didn’t know there was a Plum Lucky until I saw that picture! Btw do you follow my entertainment blog? You can find it in the sidebar “Multi Screen Mo_T-Vision”
      Also do you have a goodreads profile?


      • I’m almost positive I have those in between numbers, but I looked and looked and can’t find them among my tons of books. Not sure if I get your entertainment blog, I’ll look over there and see, and if not will follow. I do have goodreads, but there’s not much on it, I mostly don’t even remember I have it.:)


        • Same thing happened to me. I was looking for a book or 2, and couldn’t find them then found the other bag I had of books behind the first one! lol.

          UGH for some reason chrome doesn’t want to work and all I have to do it type in goodreads & I can get you my … wait… I have my Goodreads on my Entertainment & I think ZodiacImmortal Blog.. just friend me. (Maybe you’ll find a bunch of books on mine youmight be interested in.

          If you have alaready finished the between t he numbers books and you find them please keep me in mind.

          Oh do you watch that new Haunting Australia on Syfy? What are your thoughts? I posted a review on it


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