TV Tuesday – The Night Shift

Multiscreen MoTVision

Last year I started to watch a medical procedural. I’ve never liked procedurals before as it’s pretty much an ‘outline’ show. By that I mean you know what to expect every week, someone gets hurt, they’re in peril, can’t the doctors help them, maybe a bit of soap opera drama thrown in and it looks like the victim can’t be saved & then they come out ‘fine’.

I was quite happy that I found out it was coming back for a 2nd season even though I saw headlines for Night Shift cancellation but I think there was another show with the name. All I can say is I am relived but at the same time that just adds another show to the LONG list of shows I watch on mondays (esp. once some of the others I watch start up again for their new seasons)

This show I watch intently…

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