Dracula Untold Video Release

So did you like the movie? I didn’t do so well, at least not at the box office
But everyone I asked didn’t seem to have much complaints

Multiscreen MoTVision

So it’s a bit late but at least I was able to watch both the DVD & Blu-ray as well as the Bonus features.  Hope you Enjoy

dracula untold

Title: Dracula untold
Series: PG-13
Author: starring Luke Evans Dominick Cooper
Genre: Horror True story ‘Bio’
Publisher: Universal Studios
Release Date: October 10 2014 /Video February 3 2015
Format: Movie DVD & Blu-ray
Pages: 1 1/2 hrs (or a little more than)

 I couldn’t wait for Dracula Untold  to hit theaters! The movie was originally titled Dracula Year Zero, with Sam Worthington attached , but as to what happened to that project I do not know.  Wortho in my eyes is just not vampire material anyway. When I saw Luke Evans as Vald Tepes I was quite thrilled; besides, he’s got his own fangs! So with that he’s born to play the part! (more on this later)

I thought…

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