The Valentines’ Day post

Happy day late Valentines wishes 

My apologies for the late Valentines’ post but I decided I’d just relax and spoil myself for the day  and sort of forgot that I had something to post for the day.  I hope you all had a good day and did you know Valentines’ day is also ‘Singles Awareness day” so I hope you called a single friend (or family member) with a hello.

How did I spoil myself? Ah well I had a Peanut Butter & Banana sandwich, cookies, some left over McD’s chicken nuggests, some moscato wine, and a few other things Watched Movies, & just vegged out! It was a nice peaceful day, apparently so relaxed that I woke 8am today (sunday) and somewhat stayed awake had bacon & eggs for breakfast and watched some tv but started to doze off here and there I think I went out lke a light around 11:30am or noon and woke at 3!!


Weren’t those great Ideas? I can only hope that some day someone will do one of those for me!

I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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