Biscuits and flour games

Cooking Without Limits

Biscuits Biscuits

I started this year with stories and photos and I will continue with another story. This is the story: Beautiful morning in the kitchen with a little boy almost 3 years old, flour everywhere, my hands full, his hands full, his clothes covered in flour, no time for photos, lots of fun and lots of cleaning in the end. But, one of the best days of my life.

Kids get bored so fast and you need to give them something to play all the time. This is what I did with my son that morning. I gave him everything, because I needed to finish what we started. So I end up with flour on the floor, on the chair, in my hair, in his hair, etc. So between making the biscuits and cooking them in the oven I didn’t have time to make them look good.

I have a…

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