Cat shame

Please could someone explain to me what the point of ‘publicly’ shaming your cat is? It’s not like they are a child and would understand (or at least a little bit) My cat understands us it seems but honestly she talks back to us, and even after she does something wrong she looks for a treat! & Not giving her one doesn’t even teach her a lesson so really is Publicly shaming a pet going to help… NO is it funny?

Maybe a VIDEO of them doing the dirty deed in question might, but then when you see the 2nd picture in this series of photos…


well good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I saw it or my monitor would have gotten cleaned again!

JAW DROP (not sure what ## but) Black & White cat with the ‘smudge’ on its nose that ‘sneezed’

& Yeah so my cat has a starring problem.. It’s called using the cat Force! Or in the case of my cat being black… she’s putting a spell on you.

Catnip… Oh that one sounds like The Talking Kitty Sylvester on yOutube… look up SteveCash83

Watching a moue?? My Cat TomJerry and the Cat that used to me at my old job Andy (or as I called him Andy Panda) would have SHAMED you himself! 2 times (the I can remember) we brought him back to my pop-pops after we adopted him from there, he got a mouse each time.. and for those of you that are squeamish don’t read again til you see a dashed line      one in which he left as a present for my father on his sleeping bag that I swear looked like one of us used micheone’s (of Walking Dead) sword to slice the mouse in half Andy on the other hand, would just ‘play’ (torture) the mice

—————————IT’s SAFE NOW——————————-

Ooh wow throw up… oh on a new carpet… woopee… get some resolve be sure to DAB NOT spread and sometimes it’s just better to leave it til it dries & then it’s so much easier to clean up & get the stain out!

using the Kitty box … My cat comes in my room & wakes me up 5;30 or 6 and sometimes she waits for my Father to leave the house. Sully my cat also has a bad habit of ‘scrathing’ on that cover of the boxspring


OOOH Beautiful Black cat.. Oh & His name is EWOK!!!!  Well apparently the owner didn’t have a clue that cats puke or something? I mean hello. Doesn’t she know cats leave ‘presents’ around the house be it puke, crap or even their toys?


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