Planting a little knowledge

I LOVE Hibiscus flowers. When I was in Cape may I got a picture in front of a couple that were as big as my head (unless they were a different type of flower that just looked the same) Sadly I can’t seem to find that picture on my Facebook or old ass Myspace account 😦

Other than the Above mentioned, Roses, Tulips, Daffodils (but I call them DAFFYdils) and a few others I really do not know what all the ones I like are named (or just to be able to identify them)

So here’s a link to help with that.

and here’s another link which I hope will serve you better as those of you Gardener’s start planning yours!

Bat Flower (aka Cat Whiskers or Devils Flower)

Another favorite is the Bat Flower, However I do not understand why it is called that as it look more like a spider to me!  ah and I see here it’s also called Cat WHiskers (which I can understand naming it that)  & Devil Flower (likely because it looks evil)





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