Attention Cat Parents…

 So for as far as I can remember I’ve always had a cat. The one time (between having to put one down, because they were so sick R.I.P. Tiffany  & getting my Sully) was a month and I was a pathetic sack, walking around like I was lost. I was as I got my first cat Tom Jerry when I was 3 or 4 we got him at my Pop-pops. Well before I went into High school, Tom was sick had feline Leukemia mom had him put down (I was still young but she lied to me. As she said he died at the vet’s. When well it was a white lie as yeah if you put them down they did do that but I didn’t get the chance to say good-bye. The time between Losing Tom & getting the next cat I don’t remember.

We were about to go on vacation and the vet told my mom they had one she might want , we didn’t want to take her in then go away so mom told her when we come home.  So in August or the beginning of September  we got  Tiffany, no idea why I named her that  but it stuck. I kept calling her precious at first and mom was like yeah that’s good I’m like hell no.. (& so glad didn’t use that now thanks to the LOTR & Hobbit movies!) Tiffany loved to sniff the flowers at our last house, she never bit them or anything as far as I can remember.   leading up to December (so it would have been the end of November I think)  My landlord volunteered for Just Strays (which is where we got Sully) and we were trying to help her get this bLack & white cat out of the garages across the street.

We fostered him (we left him in the hallway in case he had anything Tiffany could catch) and I was a bit sick at the time (but even if I weren’t) I would still go out in the hallway and play with him a few times a day. We ended up keeping him and man  He was a trip. The cat figured out how to say ‘Want out’ he’d act like a dog  and a few other things we;d get a kick out of.


We got Sully in August 2002 and well her name is after my favorite band’s(Godsmack) lead singer Sully Erna

Sully cat… she liked to bite & play with anything green. She will steal celery lettuce etc off the table, we cannot have plants in the house, & what we have is on the window sill outside the living room in the stairwell as well as mom’s Christmas cactus which was my grandmother’s   so  where am I going with this?


As far as plants and flowers go, there’s certain ones you have to keep your pets away from and others your cats will LOVE and is safe for them

Sully LOVES her cat grass.  She demands it  she has anxiety & panic attacks when

The bad


Humane society’s




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