PHOTO MOMENT: Reincarnating Thor – 9GAG

Had a Laugh t this esp. being as I saw Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth~


with Sheik Atchia (contributor)

(c) 9GAG

In Norse religion, Thor was the god of Thunder. All powerful, he was the strongest of the Aesir, the principal family of gods. Armed with a thunderbolt and mighty hammer, he governed mankind and presided over earthly matters…and lightning storms. Fast forward 1,500 years, and Thor reincarnated onto our television screens via a successful run of comics by Marvel. He’s even switched genders. It seems no transformation is beyond the mighty Lord of Thunder’s immense powers, and lately, he’s been really experimenting.

With a little help from the funny pictures warehouse 9GAG, Thor has used his godly skills to take on the forms of everyone and everything from your school’s janitor to the guy who’s painting your living room. Not even inanimate objects are beyond the hammer-swinging one’s remit. Let’s face it…keeping an eye on mankind is a demanding job, and…

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