Christmas Day…

It’s 10:48 PM in NY as I write this. Happy Christmas if that’s what you celebrate.

Today around 10 or 11 am I got about 25 tweets in a row (well mobile notifications) If you celebrate aside from one to tell your friends or Fans (for those that might follow some of their favorite celebrities, Musicians etc.)


Why are you tweeting when you are supposed to be with family?

When I get home I noticed I now have a total of 65 tweets  to go through (minus a few that are facts I need to list for one of the pages I write up (on Vikings/Norse)


What do you think of this?  other than that time before I went to visit family I didn’t look at my phone (other than in passing but I didn’t look at the screen not even for the time)

This is supposed to be everyone else’s big holiday, and Isn’t Hanukkah still going? I thin Kwanzaa doesn’t start til tomorrow so on a day where there should be LESS   cyber interaction (other than maybe a little game in the bathroom if that) people’s twitter, Facebook etc feeds, should not be getting ‘blown’ up.

So again what do you think, have you tweeted or anything online be it phone, pad, lap or desktop?



I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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