It’s the charitable time of year

 and I try my best (if I have money) to donate to one or 2 charities; one of them is always Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
If you make a donation to them, please let them know Kim Marie Ostrowski sent you. Right now I believe they has a double the donation rally so for every dollar you donate, say $25 then technically you are donating $50! So please even if it’s just $5 (they might have the listing of  what donation amounts get the animals (like $1 might be a can of food etc) I know they usually have it in their magazine.
This video “It’s hard to be a cat at christmas’  has kitty You tube stars in it, like Grumpy Cat & Col. Meow. Please watch to the end and you will see the reason I have posted to share it with you.
Howe4ver these cats have not learned to be resourceful with boxes and tissue paper. Sully coul teach them about boxes (stereo typical with the boxes she is)  Then there’s  the tissue paper
As far as my Cat Sully goes,  she always gets some  Yule gifts. Treats, a toy some canned food from us. One of my mom’s friends usually gives her a toy and a few years ago one of my friends that had come to visit included a toy for Sully with my gift.
Always include your pet, they are a member of your family, and when all else fails they are always there for you!
Sully Christmas Stocking & yes she crawled into it!

Sully ‘s yule Stocking & yes she crawled into it!

I also donate to Disabled American Veterans  & My local Animal shelter is sadly not a NO Kill,  but can we raise some funds so hopefully we can change that?
My aunt volunteers there and has adopted 2 kittens (I can’t wait to meet them, They are already raising hell in the house messing with the tree I forget their names but I might have to suggest one for one of them, but then again I’ll end up with a nickname for them like I did for her cat Kitty (which was changed to Brooke then back to kitty!)
I  call her Chewy as in Chewbacca because to me it sounds like she makes those noises when she purrs. Her cat Rylee well she’s a big ginger tabby cat. When she first got her the cat would his & try to  whack ya. Then my cousin Diane moved to New Zealand & she calmed down I was actually somewhat afraid of this cat, now she’s like my body guard when I stay at the house. I am occasionally asked to house sit, and the first time I did one of the nights I woke up and the cat was sleeping on my chest! (This cat has to weight at least 30 pounds!)

So rad!”: Happy holidays Eric + = $1 for in ur honor from

So please even if it’s just a dollar I ask you to please donate to one of these charities

I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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