CelesTEAl holiday

among my complimentary Frosty Voxbox from Influenster there was a sample packet of Celestial Seasons Canday Cane Green tea.

Now some of you may know that green tea helps lose weight so therefore boosts your metabolism.  I’ll basically drink any tea, be it Black, white, green or even red! I mostly like Jasmine, Lavender, berry & fruit flavored ones.

Candy Cane, I’ve never been a  fan of real candy canes (we used to always get the cherry flavored ones), but I said I’d be a sport and try it anyway (even if a bit hesitantly!)  I do know peppermint tea is supposed to help you sleep so I thought being as that’s what candy Cane is, I’d wait til nighttime so that it would relax me more & hopefully help me fall asleep (with out massive ideas running through my head. yeah I get anxiety attacks and alot of times I can’t fall asleep or I end up waking up)


To start, there wasn’t just one tea bag, there were two, somehow I failed to notice that on the pack, but that could have been because the writing saying so was somewhat in the rest of the picture on the packet.


It smells like candy cane , but as for the taste, when it was still warm-hot  I didn’t care for it. All I could taste was plain green tea, so knowing (at least to me) that some tea tastes better at certain temperatures (some taste better warm others cold) I poured some in to my regular cup to let it cool down a bit, to try that way.  Apparently this is one that after you pour the hot water you need to let it cool off( at least to luke-warm) So I left the rest in my coffee tumbler over night and like it better when cool.



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