Posting pubs…

So I was thinking how I could (hopefully) organize myself and my blogs. I think I might try this when the new year rolls around (if I don’t start right away)


With some  inspiration from twitter, I thought being they have Throwback thursdays and I saw a post for Music Mondays, that I might try an make each day specifically for a certain blog (at least) For those of you that are not already subscribed to my other blogs, you can check out the posts in the side bar (or depending on what theme I have sidebar, menu, or footer)


This is my idea

Music Mondays    (meaning each Monday I will post whatever news etc. I find for Audio Literacy  on this day)

Tuesday ‘tainment  (I will be sure to post something Entertainment wise on tuesday, to Multi-screen MO-T-Vision.  I was thinking maybe focusing on Tv for this day otherwise I normally blog if not everyday every few days.

Writing Wednsdays  via Miss Musings Writing Essentials (I think this explains itself )

Beauty  Thursday   being as you will likely be going out over the weekend I will post something on the beauty blog (for sure, this way if you don’t see something for a few days you KNOW I will post that day. I just ask, is there anything specific I should post for this day?  (maybe a fashion friday if I can but as far as thursdays go? Make-up, fitness, diet, skin care etc? Please let me know what you think below.

Friday Crafts this way you have all weekend to master the project and make the item.

(honestly I am still working on that last knot I posted. Once I get it I can’t seem to get it to knot right.)


Zodiacimmortal (this blog you are reading) will remain just random stuff. SOmetimes you will see something from the other blogs on this as well.

I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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