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OMG This sounds like me before I went to my first Hockey game, and with the amount I spent on cards, going to games (or even the ones someone invited me to) etc I’d estimate around a million dollars (or maybe half a million the least!) spent!
In ever understood sports, never liked them & never liked gym (PE) class. My friend invited me to a hockey game then my hatred of sports flew out the window, I read all I could on the rules of hockey trivia books and more! I even tried to teach myself Czech as most of my favorite players were from Czech Republic & Slovakia!

as for the part about yelling at the tv well I always knew how to do that as my dad & I would watch wrestling when I was a kid and he always would yell at the tv. (Never understood why he would yell and again then I got into hockey! oddly enough I’m witchy. When I bitch it works and thngs happen, so maybe that’s the reason we yell at the tv or in the arena unfortunately this doesn’t really work with Nascar racing! Although Thank goodness Gordon, The Busch brothers Nor jimie Johnson were the champ this year & thanks to the inaugural use of the Chase Grid, My Driver Kevin Harvick is the Champion!! I guess my yelling and screaming that the slim pedal was the gas & to ‘hulk smash’ it through the metal worked!

Lately with certain tv shows, the talking to the tv hasn’t stopped. Deaths of Favorite characters on Walking Dead, American Horror story & (for me) Psychotic Cliff hangers like that of the Arrow mid-season finale. I know he’s not dead, the show is too good but still you have to tourcher me me not having my shows to watch (some of them until March!!! Others thank goodness only til January but still that’s too long even if you have mini series on during the hiatus. Pixelated lifestyle asks how it’s any different from sports.. nbo idea but if you think about it… Walking Dead is a game you have to kill zombies, gather supplies to survive etc. Game of thrones, well that is just the board game Risk (just watch the intro credits) as a tv show that feels like a weekly movie. (I jsut wish for some jousting.. LOVED that in The Tudors!)

As to the sports, I think it’s the energy of the enviornment you feel, and sometimes you don’t even have to be at the arena to feel it. I was watching a game years ago on Center Ice of the Edmonton Oilers (I forget who they were playing) I think it was someone’s Jersey Retirement night and I was jsut hyper all night and though I wasn’t there I felt a certain energy, something special would happen no idea what. Well My favorite player Ethan Moreau got a a goal, then another & I don’t know if he ever did before but I got to see one of my Favorite ’94 draft picks get a Hat Trick! So I guess you can say the elation of when your team wins or your player scores (or yourself getting on the jumbotron when your favorite player scores) I an understand may be the reason for sports. (even a concert! I’ve been to 6-10 Godsmack Concerts with few others thrown in and its so much better to be there than to watch a (free) steaming of it. (I did thank The band & the singers sister as well to pass that on to anyone else who had anything to do with making it a freebie!)

Pixelated Lifestyle

When I was growing up, I never understood how people could like football so much (for my American readers, I am referring to ‘soccer’ here). I grew up in northern England where football is basically a religion. The stadium is at the center of the city. Every other weekend the locals come out in their masses and eagerly walk the streets to watch the game. The outcome of the games genuinely affects the moral of the people. If the team wins, everyone is in a good mood for the week. If they lose, everyone mopes around analysing how this was possible. Either way, conversations are normally dominated by the previous or forthcoming football game.

I have friends that know literally everything about football. They spend their weekends watching multiple games a day. They invest a great deal of time to finding out the most esoteric facts and figures. Their forté is pub trivia nights when they suddenly become…

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