Emotional Fitness

Holidays are not always happy.  What to do?  Take Part Two of EFT’s free 101 course –  Twelve days of easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.
I don't really like Christmas said two partridges in a pear tree.

Confession: When I converted to Judaism one of the things I happily gave up was the stress of Christmas.  Hanukkah is so much easier, you have eight days to get things right; moreover as a minor holiday it is  not supposed to be such a big deal.  But even Hanukkah has become bigger – competition rules, particularly on the Get Happy Trail.

Moreover, the sales people use the holidays to get you to buy, buy, buy and that adds to the stress if you buy into all the sales pitches.  The holiday stress starts with Thanksgiving, For many, finding something to be grateful is not easy and then there is Black Friday. The stress builds and builds and  builds.

What to do?   Grinning and bearing…

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