Caught in an Avalanche

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Under the Snow.”

If I were stuck in an avalanche, I remember hearing you are supposed to spit so you can find out if you are upside down or  right side up so you know which way to dig out.

I have anxiety attacks so I might panic, but so far when there has been that type of ’emergency’ I panic for a few seconds then something smacks me upside my head and sets me straight. (Like this year when I was baking my pumpkin seeds in the toaster oven. For some reason they caught fire (same recipe etc no idea what happened)  Well I panicked a bit, and wasn’t sure what to do. I did try to open the front but fire came out so there goes throwing some baking soda or powder on it (and that was another thing… couldn’t remember which it was to use)  It probably also didn’t help that the stupid smoke alarm was wailing so I’m trying to turn that off etc.  Finally I just asked my father to come out and help me.

as to me getting caught in an actual one? Not likely the only fun I ever had skiing was when I was falling on my butt! also I won’t go on the ski lift (but this was when I was younger so who knows if I would try now, i would have to be in a daring mode.. & that usually is how I get in trouble! I would most likely get caught in an avalanche of books! I have them piled on my top shelf, alsohave about 2 reuseable bags worth  plus some piled on top of those (the ones I will liekly keep but haven’t read yet & can’t fit in the book case oh yeah plus box! So yeah a booklanche would be most likely


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