Normal Barbie


I don’t understand how people get self conscious from a doll. Frankly when I played with my friends it was an IMAGINATIVE world. It’s not like any Barbie dolls or friends looked like us so why must a playtime icon become ‘normal’ (ahem.. boring mundane). I really don’t know about people these days, none of my friends (or I)  had barbies or any of our dolls for that matter that we were threatened by them (having a ‘perfect’ body).

If a doll (especially one a foot tall) makes you uncomfortable about yourself, then

1. You need therapy

2. You need to stop playing with that doll.


Has Matel (that’s the right one right?)  and the Barbie ‘Estate’  put their two cents into this yet? (I’m just waiting to hear lawsuit over this)

If you are going to do something like this, I think the guy should make us all ‘Barbie’ dolls that look like us instead.



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