#30 Mischeif Night

1 more night

It’s  Frankenstein’s Monster day & Mary Shelley’s birthday


haunted-history-halloween-comes-part-1/ they have some of the story  but not all of it.

If you read Manheim Steamroller’s book Halloween: The World between and other lore the main story for Jack O’lanters, while yes the turnips are correct but they come about through a tale of some character Jack (I think it was) had tricked the devil from taking him to hell by trapping him in a tree & carving a cross into it so the devil could not come down. When Jack died heaven wouldn’t take him & neither would hell. The Devil sent him to walk in the darkness of purgatory but was nice enough to give ol’ Jack a burning ember to light his way.  Jack carved a turnip to put it in & use it as a lantern.

Another thing the person failed to mention was that in those times The Autumn harvest was the  New Year celebration.

They also failed to mention that setting an extra plate for a dead loved one is called a ‘Dumb supper’ also well they worded it differently  you put the lights in the windows to let your family member know they are welcome not the spirits in general. (This was also done by great bonfires upon hills before Christian times.

to protect yourself from unwanted spirits (now this is all spirits)  line your window sills & doorways with salt & you might want to do a cleansing afterwards with Sage (white sage is best) and some brick dust.

Also  putting on masks was supposed to be that of  things like what the evil spirits may look like, demons zombies etc. so they would think their kind already took over our side of the veil (which we both shared).

Adults mostly celebrated with masquerade balls  this I believe was in Victorian times, with  big high white wigs & ball gowns and other formal attire. Their masks could be as simple as just to cover their eyes or full to cover their whole face.


these I have not had the time to read yet

haunted-history-halloween-comes-part-2/ *  haunted-history-halloween-comes-part-3/haunted-history-halloween-comes-part-4/

but stay tuned for my work up later tonight or tomorrow.



Learn more on the History of Halloween

for a limited time I have included an amazon link for the books as I have used to double check my facts on the History of Halloween (I will post tomorrow) as well as using it as a bibliography.

The Pagan Book of Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magick, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore

and previously mentioned    Mannheim Steamroller Halloween: The World Between  (a great book for the kids)

The Little Big Book of Chills & Thrills (Little Big Books (Welcome))

Halloween! (Holiday Series)

The Halloween Tree


Monster /creature and animal  Movies


// <A HREF=”http://ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?rt=ss_mfw&ServiceVersion=20070822&MarketPlace=US&ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fzodiaci-20%2F8001%2Fd2298d83-d8f7-457b-a066-71b79c641ad7&Operation=NoScript”>Frankenstein via Amazon</A>

Pumpkinhead I think is the only creature that is actually scary to me. There are 4 to 5 movies in the series

The Blob  1958 & 1988

(I started watching it once and saw the dog go after a cat & I stopped watching. Even if it’s fake when it comes to animals I can’t stand seeing a hurt or dead animal.. it’s breaks my heart)

   awesome-new-music-video-packed-horror-icons/  *   halloween-infographic-separates-myths-facts


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