#26 EVPs Ghost stories

Ghost’s do not always fully manifest themselves…  the most common manifestation is that of an orb


So I came to find out that Zak Bagans of Ghost Aventures is releasing another book, Titled: I am Haunted.that can be pre-ordered here 

Now Why i ask this could not be released now instead of February  I mean I think he would get more sales for these types of books in October.

His last book The Dark World  I came across on a display table in Barnes & Nobles  in September of 2011. It was sort of creepy as I was trying to find something for some halloween reading    (which ended up being  The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury  which once I got home & read it realized it was a kids story.  Stay tuned I will cover that in an upcoming post)  and it was the only one there as if it was waiting for me. sadly even if I wasn’t going to purchase the halloween tree I wouldn’t ahve had enough money for it but I did have some money on amazon & I ordered it when I got home and read that in october to give me the willies.

Ghost Adventures is Celebrating their 10th season which started October 4th

Last year they went to Dracula’s Castle for halloween, I wonder where they’ll take up this year!

Ghost Adventures is on the Travel Channel Saturday Night’s at 9pm est. & will have a 2 hour Halloween special  in ….

Celtic Demons: Leap Castle, Hell Fire Club, Loftus Hall (Ireland)    you can learn more about Zak & Ghost Adventures here
Get caught up or some gadgets to conduct your own investigation


Be sure to always try to debunk

If you ask me… this looks like a living breathing cat


   Signs of a Haunting

Feeling like you are being watched?

You are either being stalked or haunted (possibly stalked by a ghost at least if you  move and follows to the new place)

most say the temperature gets cooler sometimes even freezing, while Others say it gets hotter (but  I would say that’s when a demon or other ‘demonic’ type being is around. Usually this is just 1 cold spot in the room that may be around you if the spirit is near but mainly it would not be close to a window (be sure all windows and doors are shut well

Pets (esp. Dogs & Cats)  looking at something that to you is not there. We swear there’s a ghost pet in our house, my cat seems to (& my mother sees this more often then I do) either be being chased as my mother has even told me one time this was going on, then she stopped for water or food & the cat turned her head as if someone or something was trying to get at her food (if you are a pet owner esp. with more than one.. you know what this looks like!)

Did you just call me? No Wait no one is home… must be the ghost!

Sudden smell (or many at the same time(even if window is closed and maybe even the door to the room you are in.) …This happens to me plenty


Batteries in electronics fail, even when they are new! The spirits drain the energy so they may have the strength to communicate with us so be sure you bring one of those nice juicy ‘block’ ones that go in a big flashlight.



Signs of a malevolent spirit

I will give you some advice if you smell foul odors (esp. of Sulfur) get the house cleansed by a priest (or whatever your religious affiliate may be)

Same if you always hear 3 knocks or are getting scratches in 3’s

16 signs your house is haunted   * 101-signs-you-have-seen-a-ghost * when-ghosts-attack_



Haunting  Tours

top-haunted-cities-in-america via the travel channel

Take a tour of  Haunted London Underground


my  page on ghostly-frights


for more on Ghosts check out the page  https://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/13-frights-of-halloween/


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