#24 Zombies Shuffling


WARNING: Zombie Zone

They’re coming to get you Barbra

The famous words spoken in the cemetery in the original Night of the Living Dead

Zombies aren’t necessarily created by toxic waste (but I’m NOT willing to find out…although I do have an Ex-I dubbed the “Zombie Faced Freak of Nature’ being he used to bite my head like one! 🙂 lol) or some virus etc. Zombies are usually created in Haiti with voodooo (or is it hoodoo) by a witch or BOKOR. Their Souls becoming trapped in limbo and their bodies forever cursed. This kind are literally mindless, as the person who created them controls them; They don’t speak, other than maybe a UUUGH (groan) and do walk slow.

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Attack Kit & Warning System

Zombie 411

Do you really think you’d walk or even run after being in the ground filled with embalming fluid and even if so, rigamortis which stiffens your muscles (which would be very lacking depending how long you’ve been in the ground, like what happens to those with an injury & not using those muscles) think of it as Arthritis in death. It would slow you down as well as depending on how much you’ve decayed. Then there’s the skeletal zombies where they almost desintergrate as they walk.

Well now with the way zombie movies are, some of them move quite fast, even run, they seem to have their lively wits about them, using cell phones, remembering how tools are used and more.

some tell-tale signs there’s a zombie about…Look amongst your friends, do any of them have glassy eyes &/or a horse voice (if if they’ve been screaming alot)? Have no personality & excessively drool? (esp. when you duck your head down near them?) Then you’ve got a zombie on your hands…

In the movies some zombies have been created by Toxic Waste. (think return of the living dead) They are created by Intergalatic radioactivity, industrial waste (think Toxic Avenger, though those are more B-grade comedy) Military canisters with labels reading “WARNING DO NOT INHALE” certain heavy metal bands, and too much tv or video games. The college students with all Too many All nighters, and those exessively on their mobile phones. These radio active zombies seem that the contamination makes their appetites more ferocious, makes them stronger & they don’t have to worry about rotted limbs falling off,or rotting for that matter.

Someone that has been Exposed to Zombies (a bite, or inhalation of a leak from said cannister) will show symptoms of:

a Headach, stomach cramping, arms & legs cramping (rigormortis setting in) Freezing Cold, bruising all over the body, No blood pressure, pulse, or other vital signs.

Being folowed by a zombie?

Run & DO NOT Look back. If you come across some sort of sports helmet or hard hat… stick it on your head & make sure its strapped down! (this is a good idea to add to your Zombie Apocolypse bug iut bag!)

Voodoo zombies can be killed by salt, while regular zombies should be bashed or shot in the head destroying the brain. Some have tried buring Zombies, but this is not a safe method as if its the mutated kind…they’ll just multiply from the fumes of the radioactivity burning off them.

Know the Signs of infection

Zombie Agility Workout


you should check into putting together your own Emergency Zombie response bug out bag!

Bug out bag – What is a Bug out bag

A Bug Out bag is an emergency bag, some are for a single person or family with food water clothes & other emergency supplies (depending on area etc) to use. They can be for 72 hours or just a general. Below you will find my long time & all terain bag contents

see some Survival Hacks here like Using *crayons as candles,

*pop tops for fish hooks, Floss for fishing line, Tie up things out of reach of animals or bundling together, (& more) *Another spin on the altoids tin candle,

* orang oil lamp,

*Bright colored DUCT Tape (Multi use!) Marking a trail, Rope, waterproofing, tape together shelter, or tent closed, Repair shoes CLothes & items,

*Bandana MUti Use (water filter, a bright color can be used to signal for help, Sling, mask or tourniquet, Keep neck warm & shield from sun

*Garbage bag rain coat, shelters, Keep belongings dry,

*Shoe polish as a fire starter

*Watch as a compass (analog watch.. that means the ones that are not digital)

*Ziplock bags as a waterproof cell phone case

*Mirror tick finder, Signal for help & firestarter (Glass also works to start fires)

*Chalk for marking trail


Survival Goods –

Besides watching the Walking dead and now Z Nation….

Time to ‘Bug out’ Survival kit.. – START PACKING

Zombie Appocolypse Bug Out bag essentials

Axe, Machete, foldable ‘survival’ shovel


at least 50-100 feet of good rope (nylon Paracord) & Hiking D-clips

Lantern (a major amount of matches in waterproof kit, butane lighter or Magnesium firestarter to m ake a fire for warmth & light)


Some fishing line, clips & Hooks/ lures (or kit)

Survival/Emergency blankets

SE KC5006S 4-Inch Camping Steel Detachable Knife

snare wire

sewing kit

100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Clear Mist (try having a few)


Duct tape

Facemasks (like Doctors wear) in case it’s airborne

Gloves (work)

Batteries (alot in all sizes)

Orange vest (you don’t want anyone thinking your a Zombie when they’re hunting)



Playing cards (need some entertainment)

Small tool kit.. 2 kinds screw drivers, wrench hammer etc.

Quart & Gallon ‘glad’ bags

Extra set of clothes or 2 (& a few extra underwear!)

Mirror (for signalling)

(How to tie) Knot book

Something that will make noise (like bells or cans) Tie together at night (far away but close enough to hear) in case zombies are creeping nearby

Food & Water

Water treatment tablets

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Waterbottle (refillable.useable)

swiss army knife

Mess kit

Pocket stove Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Stove with Six 14g Solid Fuel Tablets

Can opener

Tactical Scenario Vest might be a good idea for those little items, ammo & such to keep at hand!


FOOD non-perishable

MRE Star Ready to Eat Complete Meals w/ Flameless Heaters

Protein Bars


some candy to keep up the blood sugar

seasoning packs (salt, pepper, sugar)

Tea bags

Tactical vest (optional… but may be easier to carry the smaller stuff as well as to have it at hand!)

Mini Scan Radio with Headphones and Batteries –

CRKT Eat’N Tool Minimal Multi-Tool

Rechargeable Squeeze, crank or shakeable Flashlight –

(This looks liek a good one) Kaito KA404 Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo 5-LED Flashlight with AM/FM radio

5-in-1 Survival Whistle

2 Chemical Light Sticks /Flares

Emergency Poncho with Hood –

2 Hand Warmers & 2 Foot Warmers Tools: –

14 function style pocket tool for times when you need more than a pocket knife.

Hygiene (Toiletries, hand sanitizer Tissues, razor comb/brush Toothbrush/paste/mouthwash Deo etc Q@-tips cotton balls/pads)

Sanitation kits -Toilet paper sanitary wipes (if with kids + diapers) Tampons/pads

First Aid Kit

Q-tips cotton balls/pads

Tounge Depressors

Gauze pads (various sizes)

Medical tape

band aids

elastic bandages (for sprains, twist & breaks)

Alcohol/paroxide etc like pads

Antibiotic gel

Butterfly bandages

sting relief

Bug Spray (with deet.. the more the better)

Safety pins



Bow & arrows (Quite, won’t attract more)

The best way to quietly disparse a Zombie from long range is a cross bow.. it’s quiet & won’t attract more attention, otherwise you will have to get close and chance being bit.

Gun- Loud and will attract more

Long sword/Machete or katana blade (again Quiet)

SECONDARY Weapon – a 6 inch knife/Dagger or longer

resourceful weapons-

Large pieces of concrete or rocks to bash heads in

Tree Branch use as club. (heck widdle it into a sword or bat)

(and don’t forget PLENTY of ammo for the gun)

Read more   Best supplies for zombie Apocalypse

Survival instructions

Zombie Classification – from the Crawling to the Walking dead

Some move slow some still seem to retain an IQ. Just always remember Blunt force trauma or shot to the head!

Steps to a Zombie Attack – (Click pic to open & click again to zoom in)

Zombie Proof your home – click to enlarge

Dead walking

entertainment -all though it’s never boring in the Zombie apocalypse and you must always be on alert, there are down times you do get to relax. As for watching videos I’d advise to be sure you watch as many zombie movies you can in preparation



Night of the Living Dead

Return of the Living Dead

Day of the Dead

28 Days Later

Warm Zombies (I know it’s not really horror but it’s different from other zombie movies)

Dead Snow & the sequel (Red vs Dead)

Dead Snow [Blu-ray]

This was a GREAT movie. I love watching it everytime its on.

Just to note it’s Norweigan so you will either need to watch subtitles or turn the dubbing on.


Suggested Zombie movies on Amazon.com


Walking Dead

Z nation (on Syfy)

iZombie (coming to the CW)



Green innovations to help survive a Zombie attack – Click to enlarge

Zombie Outbreak statistics poster

Survival (work) Sheet – Build your own team



Weapons expert





Car guy


The Dunce (always wondering what’s going on)

The First to die

The Klutz or bad things happen to most but stays alive

Bites zombies (um.. yeah which would = them eventually turning to one!)

Zombie Danger Dartboard – print out & pin-up

but if you plan to leave the house.. be sure to pack your darts & bring along)

Know your Foe – Destroy the BRAIN at first site!

Emergency procedures

Critical Survival Skills

Survival Transportation

My preferance would be a tank.. but the closest would be a Hummer! I wouldn’t need a tent & could sleep in it! Plus… It can hold the motorbike & if I’ve got a car guy.. he can soup up the engine to be a sports car like one. (or at least maybe get some NOS system on there. The only problem with vehicle transport is.. Well GAS! Eventually it will no longer be made, & the pumps (unless there’ a generator for electric) won’t work So be sure you also have a couple gas cans for refills.

The gas can also be used for Moltov ‘cocktails’ to put a fire barrier between you & the zombies just be sure you speed off before they get near the vehicle or you if you are outside of it still.

Ships are good, but once the food runs out there, are you going to swim back to shore?

Outbreak steps

Defense Station

Defense guide

How to Survive ‘bookmark’ – a bit serious & comical

Infografic to survive zombies

Would you Survive? – (Click pic to open then click again to zoom)

Survival Worksheet

Survival Game 2

More Zombie related fodder

Also look for

*Zombie Felties: How to Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead by Nicola Tedman, Sarah Skeate,

*The Zombie Survival Guide: How to Live Like a King After the Outbreak by Etienne Guerin DeForest &

*The Zombie’s Survival Guideby Calvin A. L. Miller II




Zombie Hunting Permits & Team games – Choose your style

Now you can choose whichpermit you’d like

How to tell if you are a zombie



see https://zodiacimmortal.wordpress.com/13-frights-of-halloween/


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