#23 Demonic Horror

As if you didn’t know it already; demons are malevolent  ‘spirits’ that have never been human, and are considered an unclean spirit or fallen angel (The fallen angel part I don’t think is quite correct as the Devil Lucifer is said to be a fallen angel., I forget the whole story but something about he was jealous of the humans, that his father gave them attention and not the angels as much and he just wanted to love his father or get his love). Demons can be conjured and thought to be controlled but you are wrong if you think you can control them. They just let you think so, until they have enough of strength to make you do their bidding.  If one is being possessed I know you need to find out the name of the demon who is possessing the person as to know the ‘true name’ is to have ‘control’ over that entity (or person).  Demons are able to not only possess people, but objects as well (because they were never living beings) Demons and Devils are known to trick humans especially those using a Ouija board to contact a dead loved one and one reason you should NEVER ask if anyone specific is there for one and two always go into using one (at least with one other person) with  positive thoughts and vibes. (see the post on the Ouija board a few days back)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demon     * The origins of demons   * underworld_demons


Signs of a possession

to start you get a feeling of oppression


changes in personality (normally talkative gets really quiet, active becomes isolative)

Sudden weight gain or loss

becomes very hateful, angry

Curses a lot when they normally don’t

become abusive and violent hurting animals and people alike

black out in memory

Changes in voice can become very guttural

Premonitions or ‘retro’ knowing the future or something from the past they should not know about.

More Warning signs of Demonic Possession 



how-to-perform-an-exorcism/ * do-it-yourself-exorcism/  * non-denominational-deliverance.html * basic-house-blessing.html




The Exorcist  I think to this day is possibly what most would consider the ‘scariest’ demonic possession movie ever. When m om makes Pea soup.. I ask her if she’s making ‘Exorcist soup’

Supernatural season 10 brings us a DEANmon thanks to Dean being marked by Kane in season 9 and using the original blade way too much

Best-Demonic-Possession-Movies  *  Top-10-Demon-Movies.html


Ikea Shining inspired commercial


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