#21 Jack O’Lantern

Carve a pumpkin tonight (any earlier it may go bad).


History of the Jack O’ Lantern

The History of my Friend Jack O’lantern

The story of the Jack lantern hails from Ireland, where a character at a pub is partaking in some spirits of the wet variety. This character’s name started with a J (though I can’t recall if it was a Jake, Jack, or John, but I’ll go on with Jake) So Jake while at the bar comes face to face the Devil , who is there to claim Jake’s soul.

Ol’Jake was a con artist and was able to trick the devil into climbing a tree. Once Satan was at the top branch, Jake carved a crucifix into the tree trunk trapping the devil.

Jake was able to escape with his soul that night, and lived his trickster lifestyle to a ripe old age. When he got to the pearly gates he was turned away for his dishonest life and after he then arrived at Satan’s underworld. The Devil glared evilly at Jake and refused his entry, this stranded him in the blackness of purgatory. Jake begged the devil for a candle to light his way and was granted a burning coal by Satan who then turned his back on Jake.

Jake found a turnip (how the heck is there a turnip in purgatory?) and carved t out, then placed the glowing ember inside using it as a lantern.

The Jack O’lantern became an Irish symbol for the damned soul, and was placed in windows to ward off evil spirits. When the Irish came to America, the custom continued but finding turnips hard to come by, started using pumpkins as they were easier to come by as well as easier to carve.


How to pick a pumpkin – for carving

I know this would be munch better with a video, but for now a text description will have to do until I get somewhere I like the look of the pumpkins.

(if I’m able to get a pumpkin this year)

  1. Of course first go to grocery or BEST go to a farmers’ market. (That’s where I got the one in the intro picture)
  2. look among the pumpkins till you find one that catches your eye
  3. This should be smooth at least on one side with hopefully NO scarring (unless there’s a way you can use it as part of the carving!) as well as a nice medium to dark orange color. I prefer medium to large sizes that are vertical in length/ (those stout ones seem to be a bit harder to work with) this is because I do not have precision cutting tools or one of those Dremels either.
  4. once you find one to your liking go pay for it.
  5. by now you should be home Pencil a circle around the stem about be sure there’s about 1/2 to full inch from the edge. Now cut along the line. (while doing this you can also make your face or other design. Just be sure to use pencil first!)Gut the pumpkin & SAVE those seeds! Make your own roasted pumpkin seeds (they taste SO much better than the store ones!)put the pumpkin innards in a separate bowl if you or family plan to do some kind of pumpkin cooking or baking.
  6. Now if you haven’t already draw your face on the pumpkin IN PENCIL! once you have what you like, go over it in a fine tip sharpie marker.
  7. Now carve out those eyes, nose, mouth and so on.

Jack Who?

We all have our preferences. Paint, Carve, leve it whole put a candle or flashlight or glow stick in it.

want to know what as far as designing goes is your favorite way to make it

supplies for carving your niche – & more to further elaborate on the Jack O’ Lantern story

Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving KitBrass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool KitThe Story of the Jack O'LanternPaper Magic Group Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit, 9 PiecesDremel 764-04 Pumpkin Carving Rotary Tool includes 10 Templates
Dremel 7000-PK 6-Volt Pumpkin Carving Kit

I haven’t used one of these yet, but those that may do it professionally might (think for haunted houses and such. however if you need small details in your carving this is a great idea for you.

Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

Get all those neat edges and delicate details with these fine knives

The Story of the Jack O’Lantern

Honestly I do not have this book, as I already have a couple with the story (or at least a variant of it) in them.

a basic tool kit usually with ‘knives’ that kids can handle. (but parents double check before you hand it off)

Dremel 764-04 Pumpkin Carving Rotary Tool includes 10 Templates

another version of a dremel. (also good for making jewelry so you crafty people should get one!)

Screaming Hallows

OMG I want to get those fangs!

I am trying to find some of the NON carving Pumpkin kits Like the one I have that You can make A Cat, Bat or something else. (Haven’t used it in a few years) But I’ll add as I come across something

Glow in the Dark Fang Teeth 18ct (Standard)
Glow in the Dark Fang Teeth 18ct (Standard)

What way to make your Jack O’lantern look more sinister? Throw some ghoulish fangs in. Make him a vampire, werewolf, or some other fanged creature


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