#16 The Various Voodoo that hoodoo

Starting Friday the 17th  AMC FEAR FEST is back with a  full schedule   starting at 9am

some of the highlights  A tremors marathon on Saturday, &

sunday Tremors marathon continutes with part 4, and  a Child’s play marathon later in the night

Dracula Day.. Monday the 20th starts a 2 day Friday the 13th marathon

Thursday is Puppet master & Thirteen Ghosts

for the full sked just click on that link!





I recently finished reading  Voodoo in New Orleans by Robert Tallant.  Oh don’t worry it doesn’t actually teach you the craft, it’s a history book on how it started, how it became ‘corrupted’, about the Queens especially the most famous Marie Laveau  (which turns out there were at least two of them.

The original African rite, the priestess lifts he snake from the box and is supposed to lick her cheek which is supposed to give her a vision and power. There are explanations for what some items were used for that were given as Gris Gris, or how to ‘fix’ a person that has crossed you and so on.


Voodoo is actually a religion but some use it for dark purposes. The author notes that ‘Voodoo’ dolls were not used much in the craft, if ever. So how that came about (other than one part in the book)  I do not know.


Haitian_Vodou *   Louisiana_Voodoo *  West_African_Vodun

http://Authentic african voodoo



(stay tuned.. I may be adding more to this post)


This sunday is the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode so an  iHorror author posted the/10-best-treehouse-horror-segments/


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