#14 Memorable mutilations

I couldn’t think of a topic for today then I saw  10-unconventional-deadly-weapons/ in my inbox from iHorror and thought, hey wait that’s a great idea!

I always go by “the pen (esecially a fountain pen) is mightier then the sword”;  though having worked at a lumber yard for 11 and a half years some in the store and the other half outside you tend to start eyeing some of them for your emergency weapon resources and how to use them. I always say a gun is a coward’s weapon, besides why use one of those when you can use everything else as one and likely one would not expect it


That list has my favorite ever Memorable Mutilation & current best ever title.


#1 Microwave from Last House on the Left (which just for that I gave an A or a B to as it was the most original death I’ve seen in a movie)

The Blender (which I was cracking up when I saw that one) from You’re Next   is another but it wasn’t as surprising & climatic as the microwave, so I am really not sure where us ranks

I thought they left out a couple of real ‘fun’ ones from No One Lives starring Luke Evans

I don’t think the guy died  from it but points given for the  use of handcuffs  (gotta love the line, ever heard of Zip ties?)

Though the microwave still remains a ‘Memorable Mutilation’ & is still an overall title holder.  I have to give the writers of No One Lives applaud for the use of  a certain item at the End. (I don’t want to give it away for those who haven’t seen it yet)


What ones do you remember?


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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