#11 Foreign Horror

or their remake?   18-movies-that-were-remade-using-english/


You will be getting a double dose today being as I was not online yesterday so  #12 will be coming at ya later today!

I came across the link on my rounds. I thought they did it better than I could.

To make my list, would be really hard as I can’t remember what I’ve watched (aside from the Grudge & Apartment 1309 I think it was called) let alone what the name of the american version is.

I don’t know what is up with Japanese horror and all the hair but if not next year then the year after I may be a character from a japanese horror movie my hair is so long.
animal-planet-developing-zombie-animal-series-dead/  &    top-10-modern-horror-movies-for-date-night/




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