#10 Horror on TV

The Walking Dead  for one Already renewed for  season 6 


the-walking-dead-digital-press-kit-now-available-on-amc-com  * ten-ways-to-get-ready-for-the-walking-dead-season-5-premiere-this-sunday



The Strain makes-perfect-october-viewing/  


American Horror Story

What I would call a ‘Groundbreaking’ anthology series, is definitely one to treasure no matter which season. It would also be a great Binge watching marathon!

Season 1 was a creepy house starring Dylan McDermott, & (oh can’t think of her name..) Coach Taylor’s wife from Friday Night Lights.

Then there was Asylum which  I believe I’ve heard a lot of people liked, though I did not. I was bored watching, as it didn’t seem an interesting story to me, maybe the tone was too dark as well. If I remembered it was on I’d watch it while doing something else otherwise I’d just forget it was on.

Then the Coven of season 3 moved in and I enjoyed that tale and now we have  iHorror with a

season 4  Freak SHow 

first-two-episodes-ahs-freak-show-freak-tastic/ review.     best-american-horror-story-characters/



Retrospective of the past seasons (promo)
celebrating season 10  with year of the DEANmon


‘Retro’ shows


Tales from the Darkside


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


(are there any others?)



Remember your Halloween Safety


Too bad it wasn’t Released on the 20th!~ It’s Dracula Day October 20th but here’s some premier footage\


If it’s not already mentioned


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