#8 Best ‘New’ Horror Movies

 Favorite ‘NEW’ Horror MOvies


Night of the Demons remake 

Here’s the 1988 trailer  


Though I’m not sure if it’s considered horror, maybe more psycho thriller but  No One Lives is sick!    That is one reason it has made it to this list.  I think I’d include this in the Top 5 but as I’m not sur eif you’d call it horror, it will remain in the bottom 5 (like #6)

Luke Evans is awesome, he does some gruesome stuff  I’ll just say  be carefull around Clipboards & Handcuffs.


Cabin in the Woods (love the twist!)

Sadly this was held up for a long time in limbo as MGM was in Bankruptcy  It’s starts out as a cliché some camp & cheese  becomes a whole ‘other  movie! Oh and it’s pretty much Goretastic (maybe even ‘Gasmic)


the next two when I saw them  I went nuts over them. I told one of the guys another movie nut about him & loaned him the DVD, which ended up making the rounds at my old job and everyone enjoyed them!


Dead Snow

haven’t seen the sequel but here’s a trailer (I’m not sure if I like the way they took the sequel)

I think this one was the one that got the most play!


Midnight Meat Train 

This one is very suspenseful and when you get to the end it is a surprise it’s also gory and  badass  Vinnie Jones plays the villain and Bradley Cooper a photographer who can’t keep his camera out of others’ business.


For real ‘New’ horror let’s hope Dracula Untold, Ouija Paranormal Ghost Dimension among others will be a factor in either next year’s 31 days of horror or at least for my ‘Avatar’ awards. (Which I will likely post as a page on this blog,  (or if I go with making  a offiical movie Blog. For now aside from horror other movie news etc http://kim-otodragonsfire.blogspot.com/ I have a ‘Silver Screen’ titled page there you can check for what you need.


For Post #9 I may get to publish it tomorrow otherwise it will likely be a double dose of posts either friday  or saturday
A few extra lists (these provided by authors at iHorror)

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This ought to be  worth a laugh  elvira-sings-giant-boobs-new-music-video/


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