#3 No Rest for the Wiccan Witch ~ 31 Days of Horror

Looking through the  31 nights of Horror  list there are some I may not do as would prove too difficult   as I’m trying to think of selections for some (Like Alien films.. I haven’t watched enough of Alien Horror (besides I usually just consider them sci-fi and not horror) but can’t come up with more than one for a lot of them. Let alone my preferred minimum of 5. I am hoping by the time I get to them I’ll have another idea, instead of that topic, or may just do something that’s not a list.

I may also not pst them in the order they are in the list.


2 notes:  these are not all horror they are just my favorite witch entertainment   and they are not in favorites order (there’s even some children’s viewing including a few for kids on here.
Teen Witch (Guilty Pleasure)


The Craft    This isn’t the first time Fairuza Balk played a witch!heck out the Worst Witch


Practical Magic

The Covenant

starring Taylor Kitsch, Steven Strait, Chace Crawford, & Toby


Hocus Pocus




 The Worst Witch  (There was also a tv show of this)

Tim Curry, Charlotte Rae & Fairuza Balk is in it


Witches of East End  (Lifetime tv series) It’s a bit soapy

bats-cats-witch-hats  * macbeth-witchery  * zis-childrens-halloween-kids-activities  * witchy-poof

So to my Black Hat society sisters  the second-blood-moon/index.html is upon us so get your harvest spells ready if you miss this one

here’s the next few



I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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