#2 Best Slasher Films ~31 Nights of Horror

HORRIFIC dinner hosts

Killer dinner

So unlike yesterday this  harder to figure out and may end up getting revised a few times

my Judging is basically of

1. My favorites

2. reader feedback (but  I haven’t had any feed back to anyone’s favorites )

3. I’ll take into consideration their Body count (or so far as I’ve come across)

4. # of sequels (which would make the body count higher)

Do I need to ‘define’ here what I will be considering as a slasher flick or can we just move along? Note you will not find the likes of Hostle & Saw here as those are another sub-genre called  Torture Porn’


10  Something makes me want to put a vampire story here but to me vampires are their own sort of horror (which I don’t even count as such more like ‘Monster’ movie) but they have done their own share of slashing necks open so I’ll just make this an honorable mention until I think  of some other slasher flicks
Who should I post here officially? I’m up for changing #7-10  if you do not agree with them. Post in the comments who you like & who you like to include


9   Fisherman   I know what you did last Summer

There was only 1 or 2 sequels


8   Creepy old man from  Phantasm


7    Leather Face  / Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I’m not sure which one has the count noted below but my favorite one is from 2003 but I’m including the original trailer here


6   Michael Myers from Halloween


5   Pinhead from Hell Raiser

Though there are plenty of sequels I love the cenobites and the higher the sequels get on the less cenobites you see (or new ones made)

my favorite one I think was the 3rd and especially hell world which stars Henry Cavill (now the Man of Steel)


4   Death – Final destination

If you want to count him as a slasher but there have been some very memorable mutilations in this series!


Jason Vorhees (& mom) from Friday the 13th

Jason grew too long in the tooth (oh wait not a vampire..) as far as the sequels went but I still enjoy marathons

Ghost Face – Scream

Scream was the coolest horror film of the late 90s & early 2000s with starting it around the Rules of Horror

Though there are only 4 sequels I think,  the only knock against it was the last one with the updated rules was good and bad at the same time but I still hope there’s another in a few years.

scream-the-rules-of-horror     *    scream-queens-gasp

1   Freddy Kreuger  of Nightmare on Elm Street

I might be a little biased about this one (it  may be a biased selection but not sure) as I grew up a street over from Elm street. and as I mentioned in an earlier post that I hated going down to our basement as the furnace would taunt me to look & see if Freddy’s glove was in it!   On the fairness side, there’s only one movie of the series I really don’t like and that’s part 2.  The remake of the movie I’m glad they combines the 1st & 2nd movies in it, but it still stunk! They went & screwed up the coolest part of the whole movie toward the end!
nightmare-near-my-street  * horrors-definitive-top-10-nightmare-scenes-nightmare-elm-street/

So who has the biggest body count?

So who wins

So who wins


Hellraiser infographic

Hellraiser infographic


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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