The Dead Strain ~ When life imitates horror

3 of my must watch tv shows are The Walking deadHannibal & the new show the Strain.  Never bother me while I am watching them (especially Hannibal as you miss something and you’ll be lost).

Why have I combined them into one entry, all three have a ‘character’ that eats humans in one way or another.

Zombies with their brains (or in more modern times they’re flesh eaters to eating everything including muscle, organs, sinew.

The Strain to some of us is a new form of vampire that is a parasitic virus. Once a person is infected, they start to look somewhat zobie like, and I hope you are fast one your feet because they have a tounge that lashes out to drain you.

Now the last but certainly not least of our motley crue is the eldest member of the group (as far as movies & tv go) Hannibal the cannibal!  (who I think might like to try this Chefs create burger that tastes like Human flesh includes infographic on what they went by to create this ‘delicacy’)

I came across the following article strain-becomes-reality-chinese-mans-body-invaded-parasitic-worms,  which is what inspired me to write this entry;   however I doubt it makes him turn into a vampiric monster.

Well I guess it’s great I don’t like fish  no matter what way (well i really only eat frie clams & squid & the only thing I eat from a sushi bar are those tiny little orange fish eggs (which probably aren’t even real).

So what are your thoughts on the Flash Burger & this real life ‘Strain’?   &  If you’d like to order the shows mentioned above, just click their titles.


Get caught up with the shows here


I love feedback and comments, for me these show truely how much you enjoyed the articles review and so on.

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