My Horror…. The sequel

I’m not sure f you want to call it horror (Horrorcomedy) but by following  @moviegeeksunite on twitter I heard a Beetlejuice sequel is in the works with original stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder reprising their roles. I still love the movie and I’m all for the sequel but why a sequel from a film that’s (am I right..)  Over 20 years old  (beetlejuice was originally released in 1988?

Over the years as more remakes, book adaptations and sequels grow (some years to me seems that is all that’s out. I think in 2012 (give or take) I dubbed the Year of the Sequel as quite a few movies that were coming out were at least the first sequel to a movie or more & it was at least one per month I think)

In an issue of Horror Hound magazine I purchased from 2012 (It had a Lost Boys cover) I remember the mention of  a remake of  The Gate.  (as in a young Stephen Dorff battling little demons that to me always looked like  waxy voodoo dolls.  Ok I found the issue (Horror Hound Jan/Feb 2012 The Lost Boys: A horror Hound retrospective) The news of the remake is on page 18 in an interview with Alex Winter  who played Marco in the Lost Boys (& Bill of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey).

I’ve heard of other sequels coming out and remakes but can’t remember if any of them were horror.

My point of this is, (even though there are some movies I would like to see sequels or maybe a remake or 2  of (some older movies.. myabe like Goonies? but then at the same time not, it’s already awesome enough) that Hollywood needs to get some new writers and so on to come up with some original ideas. Forget about something like project greenlight, have some average joe (maybe a panel) to read through the scripts that come in and use them to judge what they’d like to see.

Heck just use those scripts period! I don’t mind the books to movie in a way as hey there’s only so much time to read all the books & series you’d like unless you’re a vampire and well… Yu’d possibly have read them all by now.

What is your opinion on this topic. Also Is there a certain book (or series) You’d like to see made into a movie, an older movie (like Beetle Juice as I mentioned) to get a sequel, or maybe just a remake of a ‘classic’ movie that if done right it may be jsut as good or close.

I see the remakes as a good idea in a way as different generations may not find the previous scarry (like me with the original Texas Chainsaw massacre but the one with Eric Balfour, Jessic Bield & Mike Vogel I find to be more. I especially love when mom walks into a room with any version on as my favorite story of her’s is when she broke down after seeing the movie.. but that I shall leave for another time!


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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