Is horror still scary?

I’ve litterally grown up watching horror movies (well more or less) .

I blame it on Jaws; which although I only saw one part of the movie as a young child. (I know I was under 10 and it came out the year before I was born so I was, I don’t think any more than 6 or 7) Dad calls me over “Kim, come here; you’ve got to see this” I go and sit down next to him and watch as it’s maybe the last half hour (maybe a little more) of the movie.

The part where it’s chaos on the Orca, (the name of their “I think you’re gonna need a bigger boat” ) and Quinn gets a big grin from the ol’ Sharky that was named Butch by the production team if I remember right.  Mom is standing in the doorway hands covering her eyes looking through her fingers “She’s (me) Going to have nightmares

Nope, I never did have those nightmares mom worried about; though the first time I remember going to the ocean I recall myself in ankle deep water asking “Are there sharks in this water

Well the answer was on the persons part not fully true. They told me maybe out where the ships are, but we were in New Jersey. There’s at least bull sharks there which are known to come into shallow water and I’ll leave it at that. (Good thing I didn’t learn that til years later, I may never have went in that water but I still freak out any time I feel something touch me underwater. I think I may have even been ‘warned’  by a life guard once (I didn’t scream shark or anything but I gave a yelp and I guess that was the reason.)

Now I have yet to find a movie, tv or anything to horrorfy as Jaws did to a generation or in Mom’s case Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), which is the reason she will never watch Horror movies again because of her own experience:

There’s a place on the parkway we always called the Texas Chainsaw house; it didn’t look like the house in the movie but it was just creepy looking. Mom’s car broke down or something one day (after she saw the movie) near that house. She went to the house’s door and it opened on its own! So she turned around and went to the business next door. The guard said he couldn’t let anyone in, and she mentioned the movie and he had seen it and let her in to make her call.

I don’t know of any other movies in our modern times that would give you moments like the above mentioned, but there is at least one that in a way you might (and most definately if you saw it in the theater)

Take Final Destination,   I advise you to never watch before you go on a plane! I have a bad habit of trying to scare myself, and the night before I went to Toronto in 2006 I did.  The previous 3 trips I made to Toronto for vacations we didn’t have turbulence, this time I went white knuckle clutching onto the arm rests (I’m sure it wasn’t that bad but for the first time being on a plane with it freaked me out). I thought I had entered the Twilight Zone and was in my own version of Final Destination. The movie after seeing it the first time in the theater affected me in a way no movie did before. I walked out hyper aware of what was around me (as if i had superpowers) as if I was looking for death’s cold hand to creep up on me.

One other movie though it didn’t really scare me but at least I saw because in the commercial there was a blink and you miss it moment of a creepy red demon that just gave me the heebie jeebies! With that so far I will say Insidious as of this day is the last of the ‘horror’fying movies.

I also think it may be a bit hard with censors and that sort of lot to be able to actually put together something actually scary, or so gross you spew on the seat in front of you. (Honestly you want to know if your’s will .. I’m available for screenings, or just send the a blu-ray). I’ll put it to you this way.. I don’t offend, scare, or get grossed out easily.  If I am one or more of those watching your movie, then consider yourself honored and your movie getting an automatic  A+ (or at least a grade above what I would have originally given!)

I do have one favorite movie to me is not scary but love to gross people out. If you are having chinese food for dinner,  slip a copy of the Lost Boys on!

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