Z.I.’s Top 10 Favorite Horror movies

I thought to do my own Favorite Horror movies list. I will start with 10 for now, as that is all I can think of  and there is one that’s more sci-fi than horror but the monsters in it are pretty scary.   This is basically a general favorites list  but I normally do not consider Vampires as horror (not unless it’s the ghoulish fiend type ones of 30 days of night, or the tv series the Strain) There is at least one or 2 others on the list I’m not sure if you want to consider horror but I posted them any way as I am judging by

*number of times Viewed

*impression it leaves

*circumstances upon during or after seeing the movie (ie:being creeped out by the basement beacause of Nightmare on elm st.,  Hyper Alert after seeing Final Destination, or getting creeped out a bit after seeing War of the Worlds & there being red vines around outside and a light in the parking area is red)

* plus a few other things

  1. Jaws 
  2. Lost Boys 
  3. Final Destination
  4. Paranormal Activity  (& sequel)
  5. Insidious    (Learn about the web series)
  6. Nightmare on Elm St. (Original)
  7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake with Eric Balfour)
  8. Pacific Rim
  9. The Conjuring  ( a Look inside the true story)   Here’s  a preview of
  10. Blade 

(Honorable mention to: The Walking dead yeah I know it’s not a movie but theMake-up FX alone are alot better than I’ve seen in the movies! And sone of the zombies are scary looking)

In a later post I will mention some of my stories of the after affects of  the movies


I love feedback and comments, they help me know how I'm doing and what you want more of.

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